Sarah (Middelton) Healy, MA, CD (DONA), CMT comes to this work with over 15 years of experience in infant and child development and family support.  She is a DONA-certified Birth and Postpartum Doula, an Overnight Doula, a Licensed Pregnancy Massage Therapist, and a Private Childbirth Educator.  She is also a Certified Infant Sleep Specialist with her certification from The Millette Method Sleep Consultant Training Program.

In conjunction with being in this field, Sarah works as a corporate consultant and trainer specializing in the field of leadership development, personal empowerment and organizational change.  In 2006, Sarah completed her Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute where much of her studies revolved around family systems and early childhood development. Sarah finds great joy in witnessing the unfolding of a journey, whether it is through birth, motherhood, or corporate change. 

Sarah was fantastic and put us at ease in her presence as soon as she arrived. She is very calming and caring. She really helped coach us through what was going on with our son, explaining what his cries meant, what his sleep cues were, and how to set up routines and rhythms to get him to sleep better every night.
— Dave K

Where it began: Much of Sarah’s work initially stemmed from an interest in the birth experience and the effect it has on parent/infant bonding.  This interest soon expanded into the whole family system whereby Sarah began helping families through the postpartum adjustment period.  In 2000, Sarah began working as an overnight and postpartum doula assisting families with all of the adjustments necessary for the “fourth trimester” such as breast feeding and sleep concerns.  In this work as a parent educator and postpartum/overnight doula, Sarah became aware of the lack of information available on the connection between infant development and sleep.  There appeared to be numerous books on the various approaches to sleep, but very little on the relationship between infant sleep and the essential factors of an infant’s temperament, developmental stages and emotional needs.

Here is what is most important, in 2007, Sarah became a mother herself and experienced firsthand the confusion and anxiety that can come with trying to understand the sleep needs of a newborn, infant or toddler.  With her daughter struggling with reflux and a highly sensitive temperament Sarah began to fall into some post partum blues and anxiety.  She discovered how complex and essential the simple act of sleeping is for both the child and the parents.  Baby #2 also had reflux and Sarah's milk supply was extremely low and not diagnosed until her child was 3 months of age. With both daughters, Sarah turned to a sleep consultant, who helped her develop a plan to implement gentle sleep methods to help her daughters sleep. This began the desire to help other parents who face similar issues and places of confusion.

She has since trained in the Millette Method--a multifaceted and holistic approach that takes into account the entire family system, the child’s developmental stage, and the needs of the parents.

Sarah currently offers a reassuring and gentle approach to infant and child sleep that is both flexible yet consistent, evidence based, and most importantly nurturing and connected.  

She loves what she does and finds great fulfillment in providing families with information, clear expectations, a plan and....sleep.