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Join the LIVE 1-Hour Class with Sarah

Are you tired of short naps?

Ready to establish a nap routine and create good habits for great nappers?

This class is ideal for parents who wish to transition from a variable to a fixed nap schedule (5 months and older) or for parents who want to learning about how to prepare for this important transition (5 months or younger). 

What you'll learn from this class:

- When and how to move from a variable napping rhythm to a predictable routine

- How to help your baby lengthen naps

- What to do about the dreaded 30 minute nap

- How many naps to expect at different ages

- How to create a daily routine (feeds, naps and bedtime)

- How and when is my baby ready to drop a nap

- NEW! How to nap your baby while working during Shelter in Place

What is included:
- Evidence Based, Zero Shame approach

- Handouts on sample schedules at various ages

- Low Cry and Cry it Out Solutions to naps

- Customized to meet the needs of your lifestyle

- Access to Sarah's private Sleep Support Facebook Group for Parents

This class will help you develop the skills to:

- Have more confidence as a parent and trust your intuition

- Read your baby’s cues

- Calm a fussy baby

- Set your days and nights up for success

- Establish healthy sleep habits for baby and parents

Classes are LIVE and not pre-recorded.