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Baby Sleep | 5-12 Months Old



Join this live 1 hour class taught by Sarah Healy addressing the common questions and struggles parents face with sleep for this age group. You will learn about different sleep training approaches, how to set realistic to expectations, how to prepare and plan for sleep training, and how to assess whether you and your baby are ready. Sarah teaches using an evidence based, zero shame approach to learning about sleep.

This class is ideal for parents who are wishing to understand how to make sleep changes, have already attempted and are still struggling, or wish to understand how to prepare for this next stage in your baby’s life.

You will focus on:

  • What is realistic to expect and how to stay sane
  • How to prepare and plan for sleep changes
  • Pro's and con's of various sleep methods (Ferber, CIO, low/no-cry methods)
  • Best practices for naps + How to stay balanced and sane
  • New! Challenges with sleep (and how to avoid them) during Shelter in Place

  • What it will include:

    • Evidence based, humor filled and zero shame approach to sleep and life as a parent
    • Flexible and adaptable options for sleep plans 
    • Handouts that will accompany this specific age range
    • Walk away with concrete practices to begin to make sleep changes that meet the needs of your unique family!
    • Access to Sarah's private Sleep Support Facebook Group for Parents