Travel Cribs/ At home cribs
Simple design, light weight, offers a way for parents to lay next to baby during sleep training process, converts into play space.
No Flame Retardants. No PVC. No Phthalates. No Lead. No Heavy Metals. Low-VOC. Completely breathable, ClearView Mesh down to the mattress allows for full airflow and an unobstructed view of your child.
Baby Bjorn Travel crib link here
Rental Services (for travel):

Baby's Away

Travel Mamas :  A compilation of various rental companies depending on the country that you plan to travel to.
Holle Brand Formula out of Germany.
Goats Milk base, for babies 0-12 months
They also carry baby cereals and other products.
Not cheap and not for all babies, but for Babies that are allergic to soy or cows milk, this can be a good alternative
Baby’s Only:
Offering soy, lactose free organic formulas
Sold in Whole foods and Amazon as well
**Here is a website that gives more information on a variety of Formulas for you to browse
Solid Foods:
Making your child food from your own kitchen is really the best!
But if you are short on time or patience, the following are some good brands.
Just be sure to look at protein, salt and sugar content.
Each range in amounts with Plum Organics being the favorite.

  • Peter Rabbit

  • Happy Tot

  • Earths Best

  • Happy Baby

  • Plum Organics

Changing pad that is scale as
Not cheap but also great for families that need to track weight gain in babies early on.
 Swaddles and Sleep Suits:
Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle: Designed by Sleep Specialist Dr. Angelique Millette, the Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle is the first hands up swaddle of it’s kind. Mimicking the hands up position that babies love to sleep in, this swaddle is a favorite of all families.

Ergo Baby : here

Love to Dream Swaddle: here
Magic merlin sleep suit: great for the transition between the swaddle and the sleep sack. Weighted to help reduce the startle reflex when babies are sleeping.
Not an ideal product when your baby is learning to roll.
Lovey Blanket (and the only blanket brand you will ever need….) Click here
Breathable, easy for baby to hold, and the blankets that do not have an animal head on them are sold in packs of two! (in case you lose one or it gets dirty).
Also sold on Amazon… here
White Noise:
Vornado fan: Any fan made by Vornado will offer a loud and effective white noise for you bedroom or your babies bedroom. Good alternative to white noise machine.
 Vornado Fan Link
Sound Machine:

'Lectro Fan is my new favorite sound machine. click here
Homedics is another good brand. click here
They now have a few other products out there (travel size sound machine, etc…)
Offers a variety of white noise, simple, good price point and easy to travel with.
Battery operated or plug into the wall options.
Link here
Owlet—ankle bracelet that tracks breathing and heart rate
Not cheap, but great for peace of mind
Link here
There are SO MANY great Apps out there.
Here is a list of a few ideas to consider ranging from safety, to capturing moments to feed/sleep schedule....

Today’s Parent My Family: Here's everything you need to know about your child’s age and stage—in one handy app. Just enter your due date or your kid’s birth date to get a news feed full of health information, recipes, fun activities and news about your kid's development. Plus, the Storybook feature lets you turn photos and videos into digital scrapbooks. Other awesome tools include Potty Pal, a Feeding Log and Nap Tracker.
BabyConnect: This app has stood the test of time and is a favorite for many families and caregivers.

Baby MedBasics: This app provides all the lifesaving tips you'll need to know in baby's first year, from poison facts to CPR. It'll prepare you for those emergency moments with step-by-step instructions for multiple worst-case scenarios. 
Qwiki: It’s inevitable that you'll be taking endless photos of your newborn. This app helps you quickly and easily pick out the best pics, and then turn them into beautiful short films. Think of it as a highlight reel of baby’s first week, first bath or first holiday. The options are endless.

Cloud Baby Monitor: Tired of expensive baby monitors that aren't the greatest quality? With Cloud Baby Monitor, you can turn any Apple device (iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, etc.) into a baby monitor with live sound, video footage, and noise/motion alerts. All you have to do is leave one device (safely) with your baby and keep one with you, download the app on both devices, and voilá!

Kid's Health Tracker :Nothing's worse than when your child is sick. With this app, you can jot down your kid's symptoms, medicine dosages, progression of fevers, and an overall timeline. This makes a trip to the doctor a breeze, and you can show doc exactly what your child has been experiencing, and how often he's taken his medicine. 
Rachel Schaefer LAc, (SF)
This mother of two, and incredible practitioner out of San Francisco is kind, alert, grounded, curious, balanced and joyful.
Rachel works with the entire family—mamas and fathers as well!
She believes whole heartedly about the importance for making a space for mamas during the many pivotal transitions in the first 18 months of parenthood. Acupuncture is a nourishing treatment for PTSD scenarios, as it like breathe work and meditation, has direct access to undermine sympathetic dominance and retrain the nervous system toward parasympathetic pathways.
 Getzwell Pediatrics (SF)
A pediatric practice with board certified pediatricians who celebrate your child’s uniqueness and understand ALL of the factors that play into your child’s well being. You want 24/7 access to doctors who partner with you in raising a healthy, happy child.
One of the most incredible pediatric offices in the Bay Area.
 Tamalpais Pediatrics (Marin)