Some of the common topics that I include in my work are:

  • Developmental changes in infant or toddler
  • Responding to regressions in baby's sleep
  • Transition from co-sleeper to crib or crib to bed
  • SIDS--latest research and information 
  • Breastfeeding education
  • Bottle feeding education
  • Colic/Reflux/high needs babies
  • Weaning
  • Introducing Solids
  • Naps and Nap Schedules
  • Co Sleeping/Family Bed
  • Bonding and Attachment
  • Post Partum Anxiety and Depression


She took a holistic approach to our situation, meeting us and our son to assess our family ideals and goals along with his temperament and the household setup. She took every bit of information into consideration with advising us on how to go about making these changes.
— Jessica M

My approach to sleep consulting is informed by my personal experience as a mother of two amazing girls both of whom struggled with reflux and highly sensitive temperaments. My approach is also based in my professional experience as an overnight and post partum doula, parent educator and counselor.

Trained by Dr. Angelique Millette, sleep consultant and infant development specialist,  I use a multidimensional approach that takes into account the various factors surrounding sleep such as infant or child temperament, the family’s sleeping arrangement, infant or child developmental stage, age, and child/parent readiness for sleep changes.

Centered around the belief that parents have wonderful insights and intuition about the needs of their child, I see my role as one that offers research-based information, tools and practices, as well as providing an understanding of the various sleep training approaches in order for the family to better assess and make a plan for the sleep changes that they want to make. 

I do not use a one size fits all. I take great care in co creating a plan that takes into account all of the factors that makes each family unique--parenting philosophies, infant temperament and readiness, age, weight gain, health and development and much more.

In my work with families, I offer a reassuring and gentle approach to infant and child sleep that is both flexible yet consistent, research based, and most importantly nurturing and connected.

Lastly, I truly love what I do. When I was a new mother, I remember the place of desperation and confusion when faced with all of the opinions, articles, books and blogs and yet none of them spoke to my unique situation and my baby's needs. So it is from this place that I find great joy in offering parents the support and information to help them create their plan for sleep.