I, like many new moms, read a million online posts, tried to read several books and just ended up in a swirl of information and it was impossible to know what to apply and when. Sarah came in and immediately gave me comfort and knowledge about baby’s development, important milestones, when they have the capacity to learn new things. Sarah’s education and experience, in combination with her calm, sweet, truly interested approach of observing and getting to know Tegan, were crucial to me being able to let go, trust that her methods were based on research and facts (and tons of spot-on intuition), and follow her lead.
It was great to feel like I/we weren’t alone in trying to figure all this out.
— Theresa and Brad J., parents to Tegan
Sarah’s approach is so lovely. She took the time to understand us and our family in order to gently coax us into finding the method that was right for us. We never felt rushed or pushed into anything we didn’t want to do. We also appreciated how she takes into consideration the various developmental stages infants go through, ensuring that any sleep training begin at a time that is appropriate for baby. The follow up she offers is awesome, checking in regularly and responding quickly when things get tough. The best part for us though was having her here in person. She helped us through that first bedtime with grace and an infectious calm, which we cannot thank her enough for. And now we have a well rested, happier family! HIGHLY, highly recommended.
— Caitlin P. and Matthew S., parents to Thomas
We first contacted Sarah when our son was almost four months old and hitting the dreaded 16 week sleep regression. He’d wake up every hour and need to be held. Sarah came into our home and her calm demeanor immediately set us at ease. In her gentle way she helped us achieve our sleep training goals. She was extremely responsive to my many calls and emails, and is a wealth of knowledge on the development of babies through the first year and beyond!
She continues to be an amazing resource as we navigate the often changing and often confusing path of new parenthood.
— Allison E
In the period we hired Sarah, we traveled to Ireland, managed jet lag with a toddler and baby, sleep trained Abbey at night and for naps, and the icing on the cake was getting our two kids to sleep in the same room together. Not bad for 6 weeks! We couldn’t have got this far without Sarah. She helped us set goals and held our hand as we accomplished them. All I can say is our lives have more structure and sanity now since sleep training Abbey. If you have any urge to hire a sleep trainer for your baby then go for it! I highly recommend Sarah, I cannot say enough good things about her.
— Louise D. and Dan J., parents to Abbey and Liam
Sarah’s home visit was absolutely delightful...like having a friend over to meet your baby :) My husband and I felt completely at ease with Sarah, and she interacted beautifully with our baby girl. Even though it felt like a casual visit, Sarah asked and answered questions and took detailed notes throughout. We reviewed baby’s sleep history, and she watched baby play and eat dinner (solids and a bottle). Sarah is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things “Child development,” so we learned a lot! She gave us an overview of the spectrum of sleep training methods, including low cry and cry it out methods. Sarah didn’t push any particular method on us, leaving it up to us to decide what we would be most comfortable with, and what would work best to meet our baby’s needs. By the time Sarah left, I felt a weight lifted off of my shoulders. We had a plan!
— Meagan N., Mama to Colbie
While we only met once, Sarah has been our guide for three years with both our boys (23 months apart) when they were four months old. The first, well, because he was the first, and the second because I needed help navigating sleep with two babies involved. She has been a professional, always responsive, always supportive in my many personal crisis as a mother managing one of the most important aspects of my children’s development. And that’s just it. Beyond the sleep deprivation and crying, I know that sleep is when my babies do most of their growing (i.e. processing the events of the day and connecting synapses in their little brains). So it is more pressing for me that they sleep and sleep well. Sarah’s greatest gift to me was helping me trust my own instincts. She had faith in me when I didn’t and that you can’t put a price on.
— Jen W