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Are you late night scrolling online for answers about your baby’s sleep? As parents, you are facing information overload and it is only adding to your level of isolation, confusion and overwhelm. I promise, I understand how you’re feeling.

Here’s the truth: every child and family is unique, including yours! My experience and expertise lends itself to making research-based recommendations to help parents feel informed and empowered along your family’s journey, and through each developmental phase.

Centered around the belief that parents have wonderful insights and intuition about the needs of their child, I view my role in your journey as an educator and advocate.

My approach seeks to educate and enable parents to make informed decisions in the moment and when planning for the future. When working with me, you will develop the knowledge, confidence and plan to navigate your baby’s regressions, developmental changes and sleep needs.

When you choose to work with me, you can rest
assured that you’re in the best hands.


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