Resource List

Pregnancy and Birth

  • Pregnancy and Birth Coaching
  • Birth Photography
  • Prenatal Yoga

Post Partum Doula

Craniosacral Therapist

Andrea Byers, CMT, CST (infants only)


Integrative Family Medicine

Whole Family MD

  • Dr. Christina Peretz
  • Dr. Avril Swan
  • Dr. Alex Zaphiris

Lactation Consultants

Katie Howser, IBCLC


Michelle Pepitone MD, FAAP at SF Bay Pediatrics
UCSF Pediatric Primary Care

Naturopath/Functional/Integrative Pediatrician

Food and Allergy testing

Pediatric Gastroenterology

UCSF Pediatric Gastroenterology Clinic


Specializing in reproductive and maternal mental health
Chris Weipert, MA MFT
Katherine Taylor, Psy.D (individual and couples therapy)
Susan Allen, LMFT (individual and couples therapy)
Elizabeth Gayner, Psy.D, PMH-C (individual therapy only)
Nicole Dadasovich, MA, MFT (individual therapy only)
Madeleine Katz, Psy.D (individual and couples therapy)
Katy Lonergan, Ph.D (individual and couples therapy)
Juli Fraga, Psy.D (individual therapy only)


Cynthia Banks, LM, CPM
Diane Holzer, LM, CPM
Maria Iorillo, LM, CPM
Abigail Reagan, LM, CPM

Food Aversion

Solids Information