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Expectant Parents Classes

Two, 1-hour classes that will build your knowledge for what to expect when your baby arrives. Sarah offers a solution-based approach to your baby's sleep from birth. These classes will teach you how to support and encourage healthy sleep foundations from day one.

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Newborn Sleep Class | 0-4 Months Old

The Newborn Sleep Class focuses specifically on problem solving for how to make it through the first 0-4 months.  This 1-hour, online class for babies 16 weeks and younger is designed to be supportive and informative. Gain the confidence and knowledge you'll need to successfully navigate the often unpredictable passage of the fourth trimester. 

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Baby Sleep | 5-12 Months Old

If you'd like evidence-based answers to the most common questions and struggles parents face with sleep than this class is for you. You will learn about different sleep training approaches, how to set realistic to expectations, how to prepare and plan for sleep training, and how to assess whether you and your baby are ready. This 1hour class is ideal for parents who want to understand how to make sleep changes, have already attempted sleep changes and are still struggling, or wish to understand how to prepare for this next stage in your baby’s life.

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All About Naps

Ready to establish a nap routine and creating good habits for great nappers? This class is ideal for parents who wish to transition from a variable to a fixed nap schedule (5 months and older) or for parents who want to learning about how to prepare for this important transition (5 months or younger). Learn More

Traveling with Baby

Going on vacation to a warm place?  Long drive? Long flight?

I have you covered!

Traveling with your baby means that you need to take into consideration a variety of things and plan ahead
Vacations are meant to be enjoyed and this class will help you take the time off you deserve.

In this one hour class I will cover:

-Plane travel and car travel--how to be prepared

-Getting creative with where to sleep baby

-How to set up the sleep environment when away from home

-How to respond to sleep regressions

-Best practices for napping baby while on vacation

-Understand where to be flexible and where to provide consistency and routine

Rest Assured, You'll Be in Expert Hands.

Sarah offers more than 20-years of expertise in infant development.

Are you looking for a plan customized for your baby and your family?

Classes are wonderful for high-level learnings about baby sleep, but may not address the details that are relevant to your baby and your parenting experience. Sarah offers sleep plans curated to your baby's needs and family's dynamic, and takes great care in partnering with parents through offering a reassuring and gentle approach to infant and child sleep that is both flexible yet consistent, research-based, and most importantly nurturing and connected.