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important announcement

Covid-19 & working from home with limited support has left many parents in need of help.

In these unprecedented times parents are being asked to be everything to everyone: All-Star employee, Partner, Parent, Teacher, Coach, and more.


I am here to support parents during this challenging time via classes, 1:1 consultations, customized sleep plans, and parent coaching. If you'd like to offer services from my portfolio to your employees, I am creating tailored packages to make sure that your employees (and employers) needs are met.

Sleep deprivation means poorer performance and productivity.

Employees who are well rested will feel better, and perform their role better. It's that simple! In a recent study done by the National Sleep Foundation, surveyed respondents reported poorer workplace performance due to tiredness, with over half admitting to struggling to stay focused in meetings, taking longer to complete tasks, and finding it challenging to generate new ideas. Along with a lack of focus and diminished creative capacities, participants also indicated a reduced motivation to learn and be less able to manage competing demands.

Sleep deprivation impacts physical and mental health, too.

Harvard Medical School has numerous established studies showing a connection between the quality of sleep and quality of physical health. A decreased immune function can make people more susceptible to common illnesses, which in turn can inhibit their ability to work. Lack of sleep also has a profound impact on  feelings and mood, and many have reported finding interpersonal aspects of their role especially difficult when tired. The frayed nerves, moodiness, and lack of focus associated with a sleep deficit can put a big strain on the key social relationships fostered in the workplace. An overwhelming 84% of those surveyed felt more irritable as a result of poor sleep, and well over half of the respondents reported experiencing higher levels of stress, anxiety, and feelings of frustration. Additionally, feelings of withdrawal and a lack of optimism about the future were also frequently cited, further supporting the relationship between poor sleep and poor mental health.

show them you care

The health and wellness of your employees is the biggest gift you can give them.

More than 1/3 of working mothers do not return within the first year. (U.S. Census Bureau)

73% of the mothers polled said being tired at work was a significant challenge. (Indeed)

72% of women said they were more likely to stay with an employer if they offer parental and work-life support programs. (American Psychological Association)