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My Journey to Sleep Coaching

As a mother of two, I quickly learned that sleep is influenced by a variety of factors and it is never a one size fits all.

Both of my daughters had unique temperaments and struggles, and I was humbled to learn that newborns are complicated and parenting in a world of information overload is stressful. 

This led me to my calling as an infant sleep specialist. I was trained as a sleep consultant over ten years ago and it has become my purpose and passion to support other confused, exhausted, conflicted, or curious parents through this stage of life.

My Education & Expertise

I come to this work with 20 years of experience in infant and child development, and family support. I hold a Masters in Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, which helps me understand the parents’ experience and mindset as we find a unique solution for each family. 

As a Certified Infant Sleep Specialist I earned my certification from The Millette Method Sleep Consultant Training Program™ where I trained personally alongside Dr. Millette.

My love for the parenting journey doesn't stop there. I am also a DONA-certified birth and postpartum doula, overnight doula, licensed pregnancy massage therapist, private childbirth educator and Lactation Educator. 

This is my calling, my passion, my purpose, and I am honored to have helped over a thousand families over the years.

My Approach

My role in your journey is dynamic and based completely on what you and your family need. 

I partner with parents to create a tailored plan for your family using an evidence-based and multidimensional approach to sleep. I do not use a one size fits all. I take great care in co-creating a plan that takes into account all of the factors that makes each family unique, including parenting philosophies, infant temperament and readiness, age, weight gain, health and development and much more.

Rest assured, you'll be in expert hands.

Sarah offers more than 20-years of expertise in infant development.

Sarah's credentials include:

- MA in Psychology, focus on family systems and early-childhood development

- DONA-Certified Birth and Post-partum Doula, and Overnight Doula

- Certified Lactation Educator™

- Millette Method Infant Sleep Certification

- Licensed Pregnancy Massage Therapist

- Private Childbirth Educator