Year in Review: In All Things Gratitude

In all things Gratitude

This is a letter of thanks…and love….for a year I am really proud of.

If you are one of those parents who has benefitted from a newsletter, an IG post, a private consultation or a class, it is directly because of the big moves I made this year and the team who made it all happen…and because of you! And I’d like to shine a light to let you know how truly thankful I am for each of you!

How it started…

Eleven years ago, realizing the impact that the combination of internet overwhelm and parental exhaustion was having on parents, I began to offer my services with an evidence based approach to sleep. 

What I didn’t know was that this pressure that parents feel would only increase and the demands and judgments placed on them would also grow. What was also needed was a shame free approach to sleep that was accessible to all.

What started out as a dream to help other parents feel less alone—has turned into an incredibly fulfilling career and I want to send my heartfelt appreciation to all of you who have supported the growth of Sarah Healy Sleep over the years.

How it’s going…

Every day more and more people are offering sleep consulting services. Let’s be real, some are trained and some are not. Very few have a masters in psychology with over 25 years of work in the field. This is what I am up against, along with an ever growing number of Instagram influencers professing to be “sleep coaches'' who are probably better at  enticing you to click on their posts but offer very little in the way of professional training or a genuine, caring service to families.

I know I am not as fancy and well-funded as other brands, but what I can promise is that I am REAL, and I care about giving you a tailored plan that honors the individuality of your unique family.

2021 has been quite a year and as it comes to an end, I want to report to you all what I was able to do with your support! 

  • In 2021 I taught over 150 classes, and held over 250 private consultations all while updating my website to bring even more offerings to our community! 
  • This year we launched our On Demand Video Class offering which has been a relief for over-scheduled parents who could not attend the live classes.  Now families can take my classes on their own time and in the comfort of their own home. 
  • Created a YouTube channel and added a series of short videos to reach a wider-community of parents to assure them they are not alone!
  • We also launched our Giving Back Program which is very near and dear to my heart. I simply could not claim to be an activist/feminist/member of humanity without also extending my services and support to our broader community of parents in need.

Thank you to those of you who have donated--every purchase and donation made it possible for us to strengthen our community. As I say on my website: 

Together we can change the narrative from exclusivity to one that is defined by equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Together we can surround and resource those parents struggling with postpartum mental health issues.

And it starts with small acts…small contributions...and a willingness to engage.”

None of this would have been possible without a wonderful team of dedicated professionals sharing their expertise. Thanks to you, I have been able to stay focused on what I do best--supporting families--while also moving the business forward in these very challenging times! 

My heartfelt thanks go out to:

Erin—my business coach, strategic marketing genius and also the calmest human I know…thank you! For all of your late night emails responses, for your creative eye on how to position myself in a world where the market is being saturated by sleep consultants, for reminding me that I have a unique perspective and voice to offer, and for making order out of chaos.

Allison—for getting this ball rolling 2 years ago. It was you that told me that a new website, some consistent branding, and a clear message was needed.

You moved me from the “Mom and Pop shop” I was comfortably swimming in to a full-fledged business with aspirations to grow and evolve with the times. You are a light, an incredible Mama of two, a rain maker and so generous of time and heart.

Michelle—the marketing fairy/unicorn/ninja. Holy Moly! How do you do it? How did you hear my values and then create a brand that so beautifully reflects how I want parents to feel which by the way is nurtured, seen, witnessed, calm, and cared for. Thank you, Michelle! Your work is all over my material and I think of you each time I see it. 

Angela—who did all of the super cool coding for my website that allowed for my vision to become a reality. 

“Angela, I want to make a Giving Back Page!” No problem. 

“Angela, I want to put all of my classes online!” No problem. 

The answer was always some version of no problem and let me tell you, this woman swooped in and made it look easy. You are the angel behind the scenes. 

Shaina, Erin and the  team at Dawn and Delight who envisioned my new website before I could. You were patient, understanding, willing and flexible as I made all sorts of last minute changes to your magical work. Thank you!

Vince, Alia, Holly and the team at Humans Being Media for shooting and editing such beautiful videos for my classes. You are truly a team of compassionate professionals who see the greater good in everyone and everything and it was a real honor to work with you. Your work lives on in the lives and homes of so many families and I am so over the top grateful for your love and care in producing this body of work.

Now, I want to thank someone special. Kim H—you know who you are and you know what you did to make this all happen. I will forever be grateful to you for your kindness and generosity. Let’s learn to surf soon!

Mira Luna and Luca Blue---my daughters, my home, my way, my WHY. You are the reason I want to help others. As infants, you  taught me that I didn’t know a darn thing about sleep and I best find out!  Life with you two is quite honestly the happiest place I have ever been. Love is our language and it is spoken so fluently through our humor, our hugging, our forgiveness and our togetherness. Thank you for choosing me to be your Mama.

Thank you to POM Center, Natural Resources, Tamalpais Pediatrics and all of the other centers who hosted classes and referred patients to me. What a gift it is to partner with you and I look forward to more! 

Finally, to my community of parents. Thank you from the top and bottom of my heart. Like, really…thank you. I know that you could have chosen to go with a one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter course, but instead you chose me--a single Mama/Momprenuer who relies solely on word of mouth referrals and community supported marketing.

I can tell you that I bring all of me to what I do, I can tell you that I believe in you and want nothing more than for your family to feel restored and rested, informed and listened to, witnessed and cared for.

The fruits of my labor are starting to show as I see more and more parents willing to be less perfect and more present, less guided by fads and more in tune with intuition, less shamed-filled and more informed and trusting of their choices about sleep.

A Gift of Gratitude for You

As a gift of thanks, I am extending  a complimentary 15 minute call for anyone who refers a client to me. 
My business's growth relies on parents helping other parents find me so, like you, they can feel prepared to:

  • Trust their intuition
  • Read baby’s cues and understand their temperament
  • Set their days and nights up for success
  • Establish healthy sleep habits for baby⁠

As we turn the page on a new year,  2022, I look forward to continuing to shine a light on this growing community of parents.  If you want to feel less alone, just remember that our community has over 2,500 other members who are in the same boat as you, have woken up way too early, just like you, have tended to the multiple night wakings just like you, have navigated through those pesky regressions just like you have, and have implemented sleep and nap changes just like you!

Know that you are not alone--nor are you meant to figure this all out on your own! 

I look forward to supporting your family.

I got you.