Five Pro Tips for Traveling with Little Ones

Traveling with little ones?

If travel is on the horizon for you and your family, fear not, you can do it! With preparation, flexibility and realistic expectations, your time away can be enjoyable.

As a certified infant sleep specialist with over ten years experience, I have collected the very best advice for successfully negotiating travel with little ones in tow.

Here are five essential tips to get you started!

Tip #1 - Preparation

If your baby will be sleeping in a pack'n'play on your trip, in the week or two before your trip place your baby in her pack'n'play for sleeping (morning nap or bedtime) so she gets used to the new sleep space.

Flying? Try to schedule a flight during nap time or around your baby’s naptime.

Tip #2 - Pack like a pro

Ship anything you may need ahead of time. If you need a crib, pack'n'play, highchair, or bouncy chair, think about renting from a service like BabyQuip.

Tip #3 - Travel day

If flying, for takeoff and landing, offer a breast or bottle for your baby. This will help to equalize the pressure in the middle ear.

Tip #4- Acclimating upon arrival

Some babies may not do well with new surroundings and may resist going to sleep or may be scared by new surroundings and faces.

Offer quiet downtime with your little one before naps and throughout the day to help them "reset" from all of the socializing.

Try to help your baby get used to a new sleep space by spending time together in the new room before bedtime.

Plan to spend an additional 10-15 min with your baby at bedtime the first few nights. This will mean that you want to start bedtime a little earlier than you normally would at home.

Tip #5 - Returning home and readjusting 

When you return from your trip, your first night home, do your usual bedtime routine and try to help your baby adjust back to her regular bedtime. Remember that the time that it takes for your baby to adjust back to her natural clock and schedule depends upon the length of your trip and the total number of time zones travelled.

>>> These are just a sampling of the many tips I have assembled for you in my digital download:

Travel with baby class notes

This guide covers all things travel related. You’ll also learn how to:

* Pack efficiently so you have what you need but you’re not carrying more than you can handle.

* Set up the sleep environment when away from home.

* Respond confidently to sleep regressions. 

* Outline an effective schedule for baby’s naps while away from home.

* Understand when to be flexible vs. when to provide consistency and routine.



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