Love Wins...Everytime

Happy PRIDE Month!

Normally my blog posts include announcements about classes, product recommendations, hot topics related to sleep and feeds or self care to guide you to a more connected parenting experience.

This blog post is a little different because this week, this month, all year...I just want to celebrate!

Celebrate LOVECelebrate DIGNITY. Celebrate RIGHTS. Celebrate BELONGING.

Because PRIDE  is about so many things.

PRIDE  about the fight for rights that has occurred for decades. It is an honoring of the resistance.

PRIDE  is about loving who you love unapologetically, fiercely and proudly.

PRIDE  is about celebrating and embracing who we are divinely meant to be and how we are divinely meant to express it.

PRIDE  is about giving permission for this generation and the next generation to step into their truest selves without shame, blame or judgment.

Join me in celebrating PRIDE, LOVE, DIGNITY, and BELONGING this month and always.

~Paving a more compassionate and inclusive future for our children~


My amazing friend Stephen Divenere...

As a heterosexual cisgendered ally, I support all forms of how love is expressed and I stand with and behind the LGBTQ+ community as they continue to shape a new future. I recognize my privilege and will continue to use my platform with humility in standing for what matters and continuing to make spaces for more freedom of expression and love.

May we all know our belonging.

May we all welcome differences and question what may divide us.

May we all find our truth and then declare it.