Parenting Real Talk, Part 1

Let's be R E A L.

If you're a parent, you have looked like this. And more importantly, you have probably felt all the feels that I felt:

Anxious. Alone. Confused. Overwhelmed. Mildly resentful.

Life as I knew it would never be the same and on top of it, I was not sleeping. Nobody could tell me what to do; every article and book I read contradicted the other.⁠ I spent days feeling anxious and had a hard time being still but I was also desperate to be still, sleep and get support. What I know now (but didn’t know then) was that ⁠my daughter Mira had a highly sensitive temperament and as a result, she resisted naps and night sleep. I spent hours bouncing on that (darn) yoga ball. Nothing seemed like it worked.⁠ I would (finally) put her to sleep at night and then spend the rest of the night in a state of high alert wondering when she was going to wake up and how I was ever going to make it.⁠ I can remember seeing the sun come up each day and somehow I felt relief.

Another night, done.

Another day, started.

It wasn't until 3 years later after the birth of my second daughter that I began to learn about Infant and Baby Sleep. I reached out to the most qualified practitioner in the field Dr. Angelique Millette and asked that she train me.⁠⁠

Parents, I have been there.⁠ I really do know what you are facing and feeling.⁠ I know the frustration. I know the depletion. I know the tears all too well.⁠ In fact, this is what led me to my calling as a pediatric sleep specialist. It has become my purpose and passion to support other confused, exhausted, conflicted, or curious parents through this stage of life.

If you or anyone you know needs support, please send them my way.⁠ This is as much a profession as it is a calling to end this space of loneliness that we feel as parents.⁠ I think it is time we take what is shrouded in secrecy and bring it into the light.⁠ ⁠It doesn’t have to be a long, lonely, trying time. We can do this together.

To get help creating a tailored plan for healthy sleep habits, reach out to me!

 Sarah Healy Sleep Consultant