Self Regulation Strategies for Parents

This month we are talking about self-care for parents! And, it turns is not as easy as it looks! Self care requires a discipline of regulating yourself as a parent so that you can navigate through your days and weeks with more ease. I don’t know one parent who has not gotten overwhelmed, frustrated or even resentful. So the good news is that you are not alone. The other good news is that there is help and support.

This past week, I spoke with Parent Educator, Mother and Mindfulness and Meditation Leader, Laura Linn Knight about self regulation strategies for parents.

Laura’s mission is to help fellow parents create more calm in the chaos of your home with simple, kind, and practical parenting tools.

Do you often react to your child’s behavior and end up resorting to yelling or other reactive methods?

Self regulation can help you stop that automatic reaction from taking over.

As Laura explains:

“Self regulation is the ability to calm down and not react to your child with a yell, threat, or bribe to get them to act the way you think they need to act in the moment.”

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