Thank you for your support... together we can make a difference.

A portion of your purchase will be donated to Black Mamas Matter Alliance. I am a single parent and Momprenuer dedicated to helping other parents like you feel less alone and more equipped in the first year after the birth of your baby. I’m grateful to offer these classes and consultations to a large demographic.

But that is simply not enough.

Being involved in social justice efforts is both a personal and professional value of mine. As such, I am offering the option to join me and donate what you can.

Together we can move the needle of history towards one that is defined by equity, diversity, and inclusion. And it starts with small acts…..small contributions...a willingness.

Say Yes.

“We envision a world where Black mamas have the rights, respect, and resources to thrive before, during, and after pregnancy.”

Read more about their incredible organization here.

Black Mamas Matter Alliance

My Why

This is where I am faced with a choice: Stay quiet, stay neutral or speak up, begin to put my money where my values are.  I am aware that I may lose clients, I may face disagreement and that this may not be a sound business practice, but as a feminist and activist and lover of love, I am aware that my silence is my complicity. 

Historically, as a practitioner, I have tried to stay as neutral as I can when interacting with families. This includes being politically neutral. But what the Trump Era taught me is that my silence does not aid humanity in moving forward towards equality and fair treatment of all humans regardless of their sexual orientation, gender expression, country of origin, and race. The stakes are too high; we need to break out of this cycle.  I commit to breaking out of this cycle.

If I do not speak up now, when will I?

I welcome and respect individual variation in regard to ethnicity, race, age, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, relationship style, national origin, religion, ability, and socioeconomic background.

Humbled. Grateful. Inspired.

The Bay Area community continued to support my work and I continue to love and support the families that I have the joy of teaching classes to and working with privately. Thank you to Natural Resources for always supporting women educators and birth workers. Thank you to Pomegranate Center for weaving the work of anti-racism into the fabric of motherhood. Thank you to Erin Bremond of Project Elevate and the Lotus Method for inviting me to speak and contribute to the efforts of Black Mamas Matter Alliance program

Thank you to all of the parents I have had the honor of working with—I am well aware that you could have chosen a big box, mass marketed program, but instead chose me.

May we all know our belonging.

May we all welcome differences and question what may divide us.

May we all find our truth and then declare it.