Baby Care Tracker Printable PDF

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Baby Care Tracker Printable PDF

This digital download is a key step in assessing
baby's sleeping and feeding habits.

Before making any changes to baby's sleep schedule or embarking on sleep training, it's important to track what's happening right now.

This Printable Baby Care Tracker can be used as log for Parents, Nanny, Daycare, In-home Preschool, Babysitter. 

With this printable, you can track:

* How is baby falling asleep?

* Where is baby sleeping (bassinet, crib, Snoo, etc)?

* When is baby eating? 

* How much formula or breastmilk is baby consuming?

If you’re feeling uncertain about making changes to how baby falls asleep or where he sleeps, this is the tracker you need.

As a certified baby sleep consultant, I have over 10 years helping families create plans for sleep, naps, feeds and travel.

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