A letter to parents by way of introduction

Hello Parent Community,

Writing an introduction of myself is interesting. I want to tell you about me so that you can trust where I’ve been and where I’m coming from. The following little tidbits will hopefully connect us in some way because, after all, it is connection that helps us navigate through this gig of parenthood... am I right? Who am I?

I am a fierce and loving Mama of two girls. I am a feminist, and I am a lover of a really good impromptu dance party.

About me: As a little girl, I dreamed of what pregnancy and motherhood would be like. I had images of a peaceful, sweet existence with easeful breastfeeding and babies drifting off into a slumber.   Then, when my oldest was born, I was humbled to learn that newborns are complicated and parenting in a world of information overload is stressful.

Life. Hit. Hard.

Mira, my oldest,  was highly sensitive and as a result she needed a lot of holding and movement to regulate. I obliged for nine months straight.  I held and bounced and rocked and held some more and bounced some more. Why?  because it worked.  BUT, (truth be told) it sent me into exhaustion, resentment and a specific restlessness that I could not shake.  Postpartum anxiety is the term for what I experienced, but at the time no one helped me name it.  It wasn’t until I learned about sleep training, and subsequently implemented it with my daughter, that she began to self soothe and regulate for herself.

Luca arrived soon after with her own set of newborn challenges. She had reflux and I had low milk, neither of which were diagnosed. My life with Luca as a newborn consisted of her crying in my arms all day from pain and hunger, and sleeping all night while I wept and scrolled the internet for information seeking answers.

Bottom Line--Both girls had unique temperaments and struggles, and I quickly learned that sleep is influenced by a variety of factors and it is never a one size fits all.

This led me to my calling as an infant sleep specialist. I was trained as a sleep consultant over ten years ago and it has become my purpose and passion to support other confused, exhausted, conflicted, or curious parents through this stage of life.

I firmly believe that there is no place for shame or judgment in this conversation and I lead with love and compassion and a touch of humor because life is humorous if nothing else. I welcome the opportunity to get to know you, and for you to get to know me better, too.

Please ask me any questions I’d be delighted to share more.