Are you struggling with getting your baby to nap?

This class teaches you all you need to know to get your baby napping better…and longer!

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Why are my baby's naps just 30 minutes?

Imagine Having This...

An Independent Napper

Less reliance on you to sleep

Time to yourself throughout the day

Time to decompress, restore and rest

A happy & rested baby

Enjoyable days spent together!

Introducing Sarah

Is this you?

💤 you are finding it difficult to create a plan for your baby that fits the needs of your unique family.

💤 you are worried that what you are currently doing is creating bad habits

This 1 hour class will provide you with Resources, Tips and Strategies for all ages and all temperaments to help your baby move from being a cat napper to a great napper!

You and Your Baby Deserve Rest

All About Naps Video Class


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Hi, I'm Sarah Healy

Parent Advocate. Educator. Mother. Baby Sleep Expert.

This led me to my calling as an infant sleep specialist. I was trained as a sleep consultant over ten years ago and it has become my purpose and passion to support other confused, exhausted, conflicted, or curious parents through this stage of life. I quickly learned that sleep is influenced by a variety of factors and it is never a one-size-fits-all.

I come to this work with 20 years of experience in infant and child development, and family support. I hold a Masters in Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, which helps me understand the parents’ experience and mindset as we find a unique solution for each family.

As a Certified Infant Sleep Specialist I earned my certification from The Millette Method Sleep Consultant Training Program™ where I trained personally alongside Dr. Millette.

My love for the parenting journey doesn't stop there. I am also a DONA-certified birth and postpartum doula, overnight doula, licensed pregnancy massage therapist, private childbirth educator and Lactation Educator.

I got you, because I have been there too.⁠ I really do know what you are facing and feeling.⁠ I know the frustration. I know the depletion. I know the tears all too well.⁠ In fact, this is what led me to my calling as a pediatric sleep specialist. It has become my purpose and passion to support other confused, exhausted, conflicted, or curious parents through this stage of life.

Customer Reviews


Our daughter is an amazing sleeper now and we have had zero issues. Sarah is so talented and educated in what she does. I cannot recommend her enough. We have a baby due in April and if any sleep issues arise I have Sarah on speed dial. She is amazing!!!!

Gabriella M.
via Google review

Everything is so much better now. We have a good understanding of our little one's sleep needs and everyone is sleeping better now and so much happier! We are so grateful for her knowledge, kindness and support.

Priscilla L.
via Google review

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