3 Month Support Package

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 Wanting more than just a month of support?

This Service Includes: Initial 1 hour consultation + 3 months of support over email and/or brief check-in phone calls

Ideal for families with a baby at any age who wish to get extended support.

There are SO many changes that happen in the first year that impact sleep, this package is perfect if you want somewhere to go where you can ask your questions and receive personalized care for your whole family.

I will offer support and coaching through the changes in this first year of life including:

  • Strategies for implementing low cry and cry it out sleep training options
  • How to navigate through the first year regressions
  • Options for how to respond to the beginning of teething
  • Tips for introducing solids
  • And much more! 

Once we have our initial 1-hour consultation, the 3 months of follow-up support is over email and brief 5-minute check-in phone calls. 

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